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A super fast jersey dress in a border print fabric

Jersey dress in Bambiblauw border fabric - MaaiDesign blog

I'm having a productive sewing week!

I've decided I cannot start a new sewing project until I have finished all the ones that are in progress on my sewing table.

These consist of things I promised myself I would fix. Those pants I was going to turn into shorts, a few sewing fails waiting to be rescued.... basically, the less exciting stuff.

But, since I've made 5 to 6pm my dedicated sewing time, I have been finishing them off one by one. It feels great!

Fortunately, there was one fun project on the table too: a dress for my daughter with this Giraffe panel print from Bambiblauw. I had the fabric washed and ready for quite some weeks so it was time to tackle it.

She has finally moved on from pink, and this aqua/petrol blue is her new favourite colour. (Let's see what it is next week ;)

Given that she is 8, and quite tall (135cm) I chose to make a simple A-line dress so I could use the whole panel. 

Jersey dress in Bambiblauw border fabric - MaaiDesign blog

First I cut the panel in half so I had my front and back piece.

Then I folded each piece, took her T-shirt pattern, and put one of her dresses on top and traced that to get the width and length of the dress. Then I cut it out on the fold. Easy peasy! (super lazy)

I used a jersey knit, so no need for a zipper! 

I could have added sleeves from the panel if I allowed for a seam in the middle of them, but I wanted to show that one of the solid coloured knits can work really well too.

Jersey dress in Bambiblauw border fabric - MaaiDesign blog

I added a wide hem to the bottom of the sleeve as I just like that finish. It's easy to do and doesn't require double needle stitching.

So there you go. The easiest dress ever! And a quick sew too!

And she may not look it but she was truly happy with her dress! She is just using her "model face". 

Jersey dress in Bambiblauw border fabric - MaaiDesign blog


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November 26, 2016

Love her posing! She sure knows how to show off her new gorgeous dress :) Love the sleeves in solid colour.

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