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A Miss Polly dress and a discount code!

Posted by Maaike van Besien on

Miss Polly dress in Soft Cactus Fabric


Suz from Sewpony recently launched a new pattern, the Miss Polly dress. It is a very cute and unique vintage inspired A-line dress. When she asked me to join her blog tour I was very flattered and excited.

I made a long sleeve version as we are slowly heading into autumn.
The dress was very easy to sew, and pretty quick too.
I made a size 7, but lengthened it to a size 8.
The biggest challenge was actually choosing the fabric. Having a large supply of fabric at home doesn't make it any easier and my daughter and I had some lively discussions on which print we were going to use. 
This design is a perfect dress to use matching fabrics. I pulled out a few possible combinations. I wanted to make a dark blue dress with a fun print for the pockets and the top flaps. But apparently dark blue equals black for my 7-year-old so that was a definite NO!

Miss Polly dress in Soft Cactus Fabric
So I ended up doing the inverse, I used the deep blue for the pockets and the Toddler Ivy flowers as the main fabric, both from Soft Cactus. Originally she wanted the matching pastel pink that is used in the flower for the pocket piece. Once I cut the fabric and I started putting it together, I realised the light pink was a bit too close to her skin colour and it was going to look really odd. So I sneakily changed it to dark blue. 

Miss Polly dress in Soft Cactus Fabric
I love the retro look of the blue and red combo. And anything with piping looks good anyway! :)
I was going to add buttons to the flaps. I tried to use those self-cover buttons, but they looked more like hexagons than round so I didn't end up using them. I think I need a bit more practise with those. And even though I live in Sydney, I struggle to find nice buttons in a store nearby.
Congratulations Suz on another lovely pattern. The instructions were excellent, I really enjoyed sewing this dress.

Until Friday 15 April, you can buy this pattern at -15% with this code: MISSPOLLY15. This code works for the other patterns too. Click here to see all of Sewpony's wonderful patterns.

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Miss Polly dress in Soft Cactus Fabric

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